Zrinyi Nyomda was founded in 1858, when Pollák Brothers decided to found a little stone printing house in Vaci street. This stone printing house was expanded with a book printing section, and they moved to SAS street. From 1867 to 1948 there was a printing and publishing house by Légrady Brothers. In 1984 they moved to their own new house in Bajcsy Zsilinszky street. It was a 4- storey Renaissance baroque building. The publishing and printing house operated there till the First World War.
After the Second World War, there was radical change in the life of the printing house. Everything, the name, management, and supervisor were changed several times, so it was Hírlap Nyomda (1948), Vörös Csillag Nyomda (1950), Október 23. Nyomda (end of 1956), and since 1957 the Printing House has been called Zrínyi Nyomda. In 1975 the new building was built in Csepel, and the Printing House moved there, and has remained at that place.